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Hello, welcome to the Dibblez website!

Dibblez come in all colors So, what's Dibblez all about ? Games! And most of the games star the little creatures called Dibblez.

Playing the games
See the menu there at the top? Just click on Games to get a list of the games you can play. New games are added from time to time, so watch the news section on the front page for that.

Click here to sign up Highscores?
Most of the Dibblez games have highscore lists. Just click on Highscores in the menu to see today's highscores, or Top of the Month to see this month's number 1 scores for each game.

To get on the Highscore lists, you need to sign up. Don't worry, it's really easy and free. You only need to fill in a name, password and email address and you're ready to go!

My Page!
When you're logged in, you can view your own scores by clicking 'My Page' at the top. You can also see other people's scores by clicking on their username in one of the highscore lists.

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